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3DOLLAR-SLIDER-2A clean window in Southwest Oklahoma is a rarity. If the legendary wind in doesn’t soil your windows with red dust, then wait, its coming! That being the case, a regular window cleaning is a must. Call 580-248-9547 to get a FREE quote.

The Value of Hiring a Pro for Your Window Cleaning

Four factors come into play that make hiring Clearco Window Clenaing worth every penny.

•First of all, think safety. When cleaning windows you will be spending a lot of time on a ladder in order to get your windows spotless.

•The second reason hiring Clearco Window Cleaning is worth the money, is related to equipment and time. At Clearco Window Cleaning we use the most up to date technology to clean your windows. First we have a Water Fed Pole system that uses pure water to clean and maintain your windows. Second, Clearco Window Cleaning is skilled in using the “old fashion” method of a squeegee. Thirdly, when possible, we use environmentally and natural based solutions to clean away grime and hard water spots from your window.

•Third, is VALUE. Clearco Window Cleaning offers a base residential window cleaning of $3 per exterior, ground level window. We can also clean upstairs windows, screens, heavily soiled windows, etc. for an additional charge. We also offer our “Clean and Beautiful” maintenance cleaning that allows our clients to save as much as 50% on their regular window cleanings. For more information call us at 580-248-9547 or 940-782-9393 for a free in home consultation.

•Finally, a quality crew of Clearco Window Cleaning Technicians will clean your windows inside and out. This includes exterior and interior glass surfaces, screens, and your window tracks and sill. There you have it, if you’re tired of looking at dirt and grime, call in the pros at Clearco Window Cleaning.

Call 580-248-9547 to get a FREE quote

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